Size 2 grade C military cooler manufactured by 圣盾动力

Manufacturer圣盾动力 (AEGS)
SizeMedium ({{#external_value:Size}})
TypeMilitary (C)
Mass{{#external_value:Mass}} kg
Hit points{{#external_value:HP}}
UEC cost44,900−48,799 UEC
Cooling rate{{#external_value:CoolingRate}}
Power usage{{#external_value:PowerBase}} - {{#external_value:PowerDraw}} pwr/s
Wear time{{#external_value:WearTime}} h

[[Category:Size {{#external_value:Size}} coolers]]

The 圣盾动力 Arctic is a Cooler, which can be equipped on a Size 2 Cooler mount.

Product description

Providing the kind of durability that made Aegis products a mainstay with the military, the Arctic is an economic mil-spec cooler capable of withstanding the rigors of combat without sacrificing performance.[1]

Standard on

Last updated with info from patch 3.7.[2]

Manufacturer Ship
圣盾动力 报复者 轰炸
圣盾动力 先锋 重装兵
圣盾动力 先锋 典狱长
铁砧航天 女武神
武藏工业与星航株式会社 自由枪骑兵 MIS

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.9.1.

Location Store Price (UEC)
奥丽莎空间站 Dumper's Depot 47,071
特雷斯勒空间站 Platinum Bay 44,900
R&R ARC-L1 Platinum Bay 48,799
R&R HUR-L1 Platinum Bay 44,900