Mission giver

Physicalized NPC that offers missions to player

A mission giver is a voiced and usually physicalised NPC that occasionally offers missions. As of Alpha 3.12, they use the Reputation System to determine whether they will reach out to make contact with the player, what mission they may offer and their mood when talking with you.

Typically, after completing regular missions of a related nature, the mission giver will request an audience via a mobiGlas appointment, where they will share details of a preliminary mission for them which can be accepted or declined. Earning the mission giver's trust by completing missions will unlock new opportunities and dialogue. While frequent poor performance on their missions can result in a lengthy delay before being offered another along with being treated as a crazy last resort option for them, you will not be locked out permanently.


Name Species Location Role Employer Actor Status
Clovus Darneely 人类 赫斯顿 - 罗威尔 - L19 Salvage Contractor Reclamation & Disposal Ingame
Constantine Hurston Human Hurston - Lorville - CBD Jr. Outsourcing Agent 赫斯顿动力 Ingame
Miles Eckhart Human Hurston - Lorville - L19 Bounty Contractor Owner, Eckhart Security William Meredith Ingame
Wallace Klim Human 十字军 - 耶拉 - 六角湾 Drug Chemist Ingame
Tecia Pacheco Human ArcCorp - 18区 Drug Dealer Otoni Group (implied) Katrina Nare Ingame
Eddie Parr Human microTech - 新巴贝奇 Bartender/Drug Dealer Sia Alipour Ingame (no missions)
Ruto Human (presumed) Crusader - Yela - GrimHEX Criminal "Fixer" 九尾 Ortwin Freyermuth (fake persona) Ingame
Rowena Dulli Human microTech - INS 杰里科 CDF Liaison SAIC, UEE Advocacy Next event 3.17.2
Devin Bautista Human Crusader - 奥里森 - Commercial Hub Security Outsourcer 十字军安保 David Menkin Development (Ingame mobiGlas contact)
Luca Brunt Human Crusader - Yela - GrimHEX Race Organizer/Bookie Development
Lisa Gibbs Human Crusader - Orison - Commercial Hub Security Outsourcer Crusader Security Hayley-Marie Axe Development (Ingame mobiGlas contact)
Michael Shaw Human Hurston - Lorville - Slums Revolutionary/Customs Evader Development
Tessa Bannister Human Crusader - ICC ScanHub Stanton Second Class Junior Cartographer ICC Removed Alpha 3.0, slated to return


Name Species Location Role Employer Actor Status
Recco Battaglia Human 德拉玛 - 列夫斯基 Mining Contractor People's Alliance Ania Sowinski Removed Alpha 3.12.1, awaiting Nyx