Recco Battaglia

Character in Star Citizen

Recco Battaglia
种族 人类
性别 Female
生于 2945 (before)
角色 Mining Contract Organizer
势力 People's Alliance of Levski, Miners Amalgamated
Actor Ania Sowinski
工作地点 列夫斯基, 尼克斯星系

Recco Battaglia organizes many of the Mining tasks that are coming and going out of 列夫斯基. She also appears in 42中队. She is portrayed by Ania Sowinski.

Recco Battaglia, the latest in a long line of miners, had continued the family tradition until an accident at a dig sit left her unable to continue the work. Frustrated with her post-accident treatment under the bureaucracy of the 地球联合帝国 and United Resource Workers, Recco moved out to Nyx where she now coordinates logistics for the local branch of Miners Amalgamated, an alternate union that focuses on helping independent miners.[1]


Recco can provide the player with some missions. She is allied with Miners Amalgamated and the 列夫斯基人民联盟 and has a rivalry with the Dusters.[1]


Recco was added as a Mission Giver in Alpha 3.3, and was first seen in Around the Verse: An Armor's Legacy (May 24, 2018).[2]

When Levski was removed from Stanton in Alpha 3.12.1, so was Recco, who should hopefully return when Nyx is implemented.


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