Invictus Launch Week

New recruitment year ceremony organized by the United Empire of Earth Navy

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Invictus Launch Week
Event typeIn-game
SubtypeNavy promotion week
OccurrenceYearly in May

Invictus Launch Week is a ceremony organized by the 地球联合帝国海军 (UEEN) which marks the beginning of the new recruitment year.[1] It is an official holiday in the UEE.[2]

It is also commonly known as Fleet Week or Invictus. It is celebrated annually in the period between Emancipation Day and Armistice Day, the final week in May. The event is meant as a tool to promote participation in the Navy as well as show awareness for the history of naval events. The event is also used by ship and armament manufacturers as an opportunity to display their contribution to the military fleet.[3]


Closing and Introduction Ceremony

Invictus is a ceremony used to congratulate the latest graduating class of military personnel, but also as introduction ceremony for new recruits which are gathering to set off for training at the MacArthur base.


The Fleet Week has a long tradition. It goes back several centuries to the days when the 地球联合帝国 was known as the 地球行星联合国 (UPE). Shortly after the First Tevarin War began in 2541, Humanity suddenly found itself in need of an organized military force of a size previously unneeded. To this point, aside from the hostage situation with the Xi'an in 2530, there had only been local security forces under the control of the central Human government.

With Humanity facing an imminent and overwhelming threat, a fleet needed to be raised and trained quickly. The Tribunal sent out an immediate call for recruits to create this army.

Transport ships on each of the settled planets would load up these volunteers and travel to a training facility on 火星 known as Invictus.

On the morning of 2542-10-12, families and communities gathered at launch pads around the UPE territories to celebrate those that were going to defend against the alien invaders. As the conflict continued, more recruits would gather on that day to travel to Invictus to begin their training.

Over the centuries, as the Empire has expanded, space travel has become even more accessible and most recruits are able to self-report, the need for Invictus Launch Week's has diminished. The spirit of it, however, is stronger than ever.

Invictus is a time to celebrate each other. To celebrate bravery, duty, and commitment to the goals that define Humanity at its finest.[4]

Historical Pillars

Below are some notable pillars in the history of the event.[5]

2542-10-12 The first Invictus takes place after the 塔维因 were first encountered in 2541 and the First Tevarin War had started. It brings new recruits to Invictus Base on 火星.
2579 Invictus Base officially closes.
2581 地球联合帝国皇帝 Ivar Messer officially formalizes Invictus as a government-recognized yearly event.
2632 Invictus ceremonies reformatted to change the destination of their transports from 博瑞雅, Magnus to Macarthur, Kilian.
2637 Terra abstains from participating in Invictus in protest of Imperator Livia Messer's increasingly pro-military agenda. Senator Assan Kieren[annotation 1] speaks at the event.
2681 Military officially ends providing naval transports from all Empire worlds. Recruits are now ordered to self-report to station inside of Kilian.
2735 The Invictus ceremony on Angeli serves as the backdrop for the climactic finale of the classic specvid All Tomorrows Guardians.
2743 Imperator Galor Messer makes attendance mandatory to Invictus events around the Empire. Anti-messer activists turn this against him by using Invictus ceremonies to meet safely.
2794 After the fall of the Messers, the newly instated High Command removed any remaining loyalists from their ranks and needed a new influx of recruits. Invictus is moved to its current date in May to accommodate that need.
2803 999th Squadron begins to perform at select Invictus ceremonies.
2862 Imperator Gayatari Deomana attends the Invictus ceremony on 地球.
2875 Recorded aboard 大天使空间站, Imperator Corbyn Salehi[annotation 2] makes infamous one day speech outlining desire to hold Invictus celebration on 合成世界.
2912 Another Invictus ceremony, this one on Terra, appears as the backdrop for a setpiece in Astromedics: From The Fire.


Arthur Warro, Co-initiator of the Polo Initiative criticized the missing transparency and high budget used for Invictus. He stated 'Invictus doesn't represent the real Navy, it represents what the Navy wants people to think of it, later adding that the 'high Invictus costs [are] one of the reasons why the Navy was seeking a 7% increase to its budget [compared to 2950].' He also emphasized that the event gave free publicity for ship/weapon manufacturers, indirectly criticizing the ties between military and private corporations on the other side: '(...) if you don't fully fund the Navy to allow it to buy these ships then you won't be safe. It's just so ingrained in the fabric of this empire that we can't see it anymore.'[6]


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  • The Invictus Fleet Week seems to be inspired by the US Fleet Week.


  1. The plaque at the Bevic Convention Center has a typographical error which refers to a person called 'Assan Kieran'. The context suggets, that Assan Kieren, the former Governor of Terra was meant.
  2. The plaques at the Bevic Convention Center has another typographical error which refers to a person called 'Gordon Salehi'. The context suggets, that Imperator Corbyn Salehi was meant.


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