Ivar Messer

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Ivar Messer
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Ivar Messer
种族 Human
性别 Male
生于 2516
死于 2592 (aged 76)
角色 First Imperator of the UEE
势力 UEE
等级 High-General
分队 UEE Army
服役年份 2534 - 2546
官职 Imperator
在职年份 2546 / 2547 - 2592 (Imperator)
党派 Messer Regime
选区 UEE

Ivar Messer (also known as Messer I) was the founder of the United Empire of Earth and its first Imperator. He rose to power in 2546 after a successful military career during the First Tevarin War [1][2] and founded the ruling dynasty of Messer's.

Military career

Most notably serving with distinction during the Battle of Idris IV after ending up in command of the 112th Infantry Battalion of the UPE Army during Operation Nemesis when his commanding officer was killed.[3] This accomplishment captured public attention. The UPE quickly realized this and turned Messer into the face of the Tevarin War.[1]

Messer rose through the ranks from Captain at Idris IV to Commander. And finally, when he brings the captured Tevarin leader to the UPE floor, he rides the popularity of his victory to become High-General and member of the Tribunal.[4]

Prime Citizen

As High-General, Messer actively campaigned to eliminate the UPE's governing triumvirate and consolidate power into a single office. He viewed the Tribunal system as a toothless, outdated, ineffectual. He assert that ultimately the decision needed to come down to one person.

The Atrocity at Jata on 2545-12-15, provided an opening for Messer's political aspirations. The bombings were first attributed to Tevarin, but soon were pinned on the Xi'an. A second bombing occurred two months later. "Convinced only a strong leader could curb the attacks, Citizens voted in favor of replacing the Tribunal with a single Prime Citizen, then promptly elected Ivar Messer to the position. The rest, as they say, is history." [5]

In an 'emergency election' he was elected Prime Citizen on 15 December 2546.[6][7]


Upon election as the first (and last) Prime Citizen, it isn't long before he restructures the government into the new United Empire of Earth (UEE) and annoints himself Imperator in early 2947.[6] What followed was a age of unprecedented violent expansion and colonization,[4] what is now known as the Messer Era.[8]

Ivar Messer died in 2592. He ruled for 45 years and was succeded by his son Deacon.


"Every ship needs a captain."

"I don't want another war. Too many sons and daughters, husbands and wives, have already been lost in the deep vacuum and barren planets. But I will say this, I would ring every system and every jump-point with shields and wire a thousand kilometers thick if it meant we wouldn't have to lose any more"
In support of the Perry Line

"Freedom comes at a cost of more than lives and credits. It requires commitment, dedication, and a willingness to do what's unpopular to accomplish what's right. It must be ready to crush any opposition that threatens it. With that last point in mind, I'm pleased to unveil the latest capital-class ship from Aegis Dynamics — the Idris. It is the UEE's new definition of a freedom fighter (...) Never again can we let Humanity be made the victim. Let all who would dare become the enemy of our Empire tremble as they hear of our victory in Idris and the ship that bears its name."
Speech at the inaugural Idris launch, 2551

Description of Ivar by the Developers

In a livestream about the conception for military uniforms of the Second Tevarin War, Jared Huckaby asked Dave Haddock some questions about Ivar Messer:[9]

Jared Huckaby: "We are exploring what UEE military uniforms would look like during the Second Tevarin War.[10] (...) What for he look for in a military uniform ? (...) What is your impression of [Ivar] Messer ? (...)"

Dave Haddock: "(...) Power would be the message, and control, and dominance... coming from that position of dictatorship... like Ivar Messer had just took complete power from the previously democratic government and was really trying to hold on. You would see some kind of fascist influence in his choice for that uniform. The UEE is a relatively new creation under his control.(...) He tried to maintain that heightened alien threat atmosphere...was also kind of silencing people who would be against his rise to power."


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