Yogi Station

在Oso的Military observation base

Observation Base Chimera, short: OB Chimera or Yogi Station is a space station.

Yogi Station: OB Chimera
类型 空间站
分类 Military observation base
星系 Oso
轨道所在星球 Oso
是否宜居 Yes
归属 地球联合帝国
所有者 UEE Military

"Observation Base Chimera, also known as Yogi Station, is home to Oso's rotating military contingent charged with protecting the system from outside interference. While its intention is noble, the effectiveness of that intention has been under fire recently as allegations of negligence caused a Senate inquiry into the daily operations of the base. This review revealed consistent average and below average performance reports for nearly all Army personnel assigned to the station, as well as evidence of corruption, bribery and even extortion. Despite a regular crew rotation, internal Army station reports, previously kept hidden, have corroborated the Senate's findings and have made public Chimera's internally well-known reputation of hosting burnouts and failures. While the situation says little for the Army's reputation, the Senate report painted a myriad of opportunities for any businessmen willing to work outside the law. At any time desired, it was possible to pay off the local crews to avoid interception, visit Oso II and escape the system unharmed (and unscanned).

The effects of this inquiry are still being felt today. The 地球联合帝国皇帝 cited the findings in his decree to the High Command to immediately restructure Chimera's operating policy and implement consistent checks from civilian auditors to make sure it was operating ethically."
Galactic Guide: Oso-System [1]

"Staffed by a rotating military contingent ordered to protect the system from outside interference. A recent Senate report revealed corruption among the staff and portrayed them as being less than diligent about doing their jobs. "
Starmap [2]


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