Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment

 来自Crusader Security的Bounty Hunter任务

Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment
英文名 {{{English}}}
主类型 General
子类型 Bounty Hunter
获利 4000
开始地点 Stanton AO
要求 Tracker Training Permit Certification
势力 十字军安保

Completing the Verified Freelancer Bounty Assessment is required by 十字军安保 before you may take bounty contracts from them. You will be tasked with taking down a Very Low-Risk Target (VLRT) in the 十字军 vicinity.[1]



我们已经评估过你拥有的技能,因此,我们向你提供一份抓捕 (Name) 的初步试用赏金合约,最后一次看到他是在 (Location).



联络官 包蒂斯塔

ID# 948J030K


  • Crusader Security Verified Freelancer Authorization


You have been authorized to begin work as a Verified Freelancer for Crusader Security.

Contracts that match your qualification levels will be offered through your mobiGlas Contract Manager. We encourage you to regularly check for new contracts as they become available. A high completion rate will earn you the chance for promotion and additional benefits like higher pay.

We look forward to working together to make Crusader and the surrounding sector a safer place."


  1. In-game survey in Alpha 3.12