Update:Star Citizen Patch V0.8.1


2014-06-06 - 9年前
  • Today's patch adds the Freelancer variants to the Hangar and gives backers a first look at the two TNGS finalist ships! Vote for your favorite during the live TNGS broadcast, Saturday, June 7 at 3 PM PST.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your Hangar has temporarily been updated to Deluxe to display the TNGS finalists. The ships will be removed and your normal Hangar returned after the finale.


  • Added upgraded base Freelancer and all variants to the Hangar Module
  • Upgraded all backers to Deluxe Hangars so we can add the TNGS finalist ships
  • Increased the size of production server and deployed servers with Google Compute
  • Added Four Horseman's – Aegis Dynamics – Redeemer – to all backer hangars
  • Added Shard Collective's – Origin Jumpworks – AX114 Boomslang – to all backer hangars
  • Light polish and hookup work on The Next Great Starship ships for display in the hangar
  • Add missiles to the freelancer_max
  • Adjusted power consumption and the speed of the laser bolt for the Klaus and Werner CF007 Bulldog

Bugs Fixed

  • Unable to access multiplayer with an account that contains the appropriate multiplayer game mode items
  • Resolved an issue in multiplayer where the pilot enter animation would play every time you respawn
  • Resolved an issue with the Hornet's Gatling gun which would cause it to begin taking heat damage prior to reaching a critical heat state
  • Resolved an issue with the AI firing their Gatling guns constantly until they were destroyed due to heat damage
  • Resolved an issue with pilot animations becoming offset in the 300i when viewed in 3rd person
  • Resolved an issue which caused the animations for pitching up and down in the cockpit to be reversed.
  • Resolved an issue which caused AI who were destroyed when the player blew up their engine and reactor to register as having committed suicide.
  • Resolved an issue in multiplayer that would often cause a crash of the server and clients at the end of a round
  • Corrected an issue with cooling on the 300i which could cause unintentional overheating under normal operating conditions


Star Citizen Patch V0.8.1