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Terra : Terra III
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Terra III, commonly referred to by its system's name, was the twelfth planet colonized by the 地球联合帝国. It has made great strides towards becoming the cultural focus of the Empire.[1]

While die-hard 地球 loyalists would dispute such a claim, there is no doubt that Terra has its finger on the pulse of the civilized galaxy. From the increasing inflow of megacorporate HQs to the system to the influence of Terranoriginated music on popular culture, Terra is unquestionably the closest thing to a rival Earth has ever produced.[2] In four centuries, owing to its jump network and location, it has evolved into a massive trade hub. Kiel, Baker, Kilian and other name systems are short hops from the star. The world's plentiful resources, cultivated carefully so as not to impact the environment, have fueled the Empire's Eastern Expansion Program.[2] Terra is home to Song University, named after the planet's discoverer and known for teaching 巴努 culture.[3]

The planet is also known for the lost civilisation that once inhabited the planet; nicknamed the Atlanteans by the local polpulation and the sentient species responsible for the construction of the ancient ruins scattered across the planet and the Vasli Fragment Stone.


Wei-Yin Song, one of the lead surveyors for the UNE's Eastern Expansion Program, was the first citizen to discover Terra (known as 342A.03M at the time) in 2516. Scans and scouting missions confirmed the presence of a naturally oxygen-based atmosphere, indigenous vegetation, vast oceans, and temperate climates. Deep in the southern region, a scout team discovered remnants of a rock formation, indicating that they were arranged that way but they didn't discover any indication of intelligent life. The team went on to suggest the planet should establish a forward operating base for terraforming and expansion into the adjoining systems.[4] Upon discovery, this naturally-occurring oxygen-based planet seemed like an untouched Earth and so they named it Terra as a reflection for the birthplace of 人类ity. Over the centuries, Terra has grown into one of the jewels of the Empire, becoming a political and cultural force. Home to the Transitionalist political movement who believe that Terra better represents the future of the UEE than the current capital, Earth.[1]


Major Locations


The capital city of Terra is Prime, a beautiful bayside mega-city built on the foundations of two of the original colony ships. Is is either in the state of Vastac, or at least neighbours that state.


Terra's second-largest city is Quasi, it is located in the colder southern hemisphere.

New Austin

New Austin, another initial colonization point, is as close as Terra comes to an industrial city.

Other Locations


Located in the northern hemisphere, Ankorum ishome to a defunct space forces training facility.[7]


Kutaram is home to replica ship manufacturer 埃斯佩里亚, whose headquarters can be found in Asox Tower.[8]

Magnetic Ridge

The Magnetic Ridge is a famous landmark on Terra, oft compared with the Grand Canyon on Earth.

Nova Kyiv

Nova Kyiv, also spelled Nova Kiev, was the location of 铁砧航天's first skunkwork facility, and is still home to their headquarters today.[9] In 2796, Nova Kiev was listed as the location of an Anvil Aerospace factory that manufactured the Terrapin.[10]

State of Vastac

Vastac is located in a tropical region of Terra and borders the Animas Sea.[11] It is the natural habitat of the Emperor Bloom and the location of the Tecuya Mountains. It is quite likely that Prime is located in Vastac, or it may represent a neighbouring state.

Terra University

Established University, with a chair in Geological Studies.[12][13][14]

Natural Satellites


Though Eda is similar in mass to Sol 3a, its close orbit around Terra causes more extreme tides than are found on Earth.

Artificial Satellites


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