Skyline is a mapping and navigation application created by The Ark and installed on every mobiGlas. It is designed to interface with ship computers to aid in automated navigation and wayfinding.

To access the starmap from your mobiGlas, select the "Skyline" button at the bottom of the screen (fourth button from the left).

Accessing the Skyline app

There are two ways you can access your starmap:

  1. Open up your mobiGlas by pressing F1, then select the Skyline button in your app list.
  2. Access the app instantly by pressing F2.
Overview of the 斯坦顿星系 in the Skyline app.

Control scheme and layout

Note: The starmap app will receive an update at an unknown future date. This guide is current as of 2021-05-23 (Alpha 3.13.1).
Command Controls
Left mouse button Rotate view
Right mouse button Pan view
Mouse scroll wheel Zoom in and out

Note: zoom speed can be modified in your options menu. Choose "Game Settings" and find the "Star Map Zoom Speed" slider to adjust it.

Double right click Zoom all the way out to the system overview
  • To center and zoom the starmap in on your current position, click the button at the top with the circular target symbol.
  • Double-click on a celestial object or space station to zoom in on it.
  • Single-click on a celestial object or space station to select it for navigation purposes. Details about your selected target will appear in the information box at the top right.

Quirks, bugs, and workarounds

Map objects do not show up

Double right click to zoom your view out all the way to the system view. If there still aren't any map objects showing up, close your mobiGlas and re-enter the starmap. (This step may need to be repeated multiple times. The map will eventually launch in working order)

Route plotter isn't plotting a route to my destination

This usually occurs when a large object, such as a planet, is obstructing your direct-line flightpath. Choose another destination which is not obstructed and navigate around the celestial body.