Research Scan Help

 来自Imperial Cartography Center的Delivery任务

Research Scan Help
英文名 {{{English}}}
主类型 General
子类型 Delivery
获利 2500
开始地点 十字军 AO
势力 帝国制图中心

The mission Research Scan Help sees the ICC task the player with deploying a Data Probe in a particular area of space in the vicinity of Crusader. The probe functions as a handbox cargo crate except for the fact that when it is deployed, you will need to activate it.


1. 我们有个(Item)在(Location)等着去被收取。然后,你需要把(Item)运输到并部署在(Destination)附近。(DeployProbeDanger),任何有兴趣协助我们完成此任务的承包人,请尽早与(Contractor)联系。


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  • Research Assistance
  • Collect and Deploy Probe
  • Probe Deployment