Luminalia Present Delivery

 来自Igor Beresford的Delivery任务

Luminalia Present Delivery
英文名 {{{English}}}
主类型 Personal
子类型 Delivery
获利 8500
开始地点 赫斯顿 AO
任务提供者 Igor Beresford
要求 光灯节 Holiday

The mission Luminalia Present Delivery is a holiday mission that tasks the player with transporting three Luminalia presents (cargo crates) from one outpost to three different ones within the Hurston AO.

Dynamic Description



"Happy Luminalia!

I have a huge favor to ask. Thanks to some very ill timed maintenance issues, my ship is out of commission for at least a week and I won't be able to finish delivering presents to everyone on my gift list.

Looked into using FTL but with their holiday pricing I'll end up paying more credits than what the gifts cost!

Figured I would see if you're interested in helping me out. I get my gifts delivered on time and you get some extra Luminalia spending credits.

The three gifts are wrapped and waiting at (Pickup). One is for (First Name 1) over at (Drop-off 1), another's for (First Name 2) at (Drop-off 2), and the last one is for (First Name 3) who's at (Drop-off 3).

Thanks in advance and may your light glow a little brighter this year!

Sincerely, Igor"



"I'm in desperate need of a little Luminalia magic and I hope you're the one to help.

There are three gifts stuck at (Pickup) that need to be delivered.

I tried scheduling a pick up but just got notified that they won't be able to make it until after the holidays. Would you be able to take care of the deliveries for me? I'll gladly pay you what I was going to give them.

It shouldn't be too hard. One is for (Full Name 1) over at (Drop-off 1), another's for (Full Name 2) at (Drop-off 2), and the last one is for (Full Name 3) who's at (Drop-off 3).

Whatever you decide to help or not, I hope you have a very happy holiday!

- Igor"



"Hope the holiday season is treating you well.

Mine's been a bit stressful so far. It turns out that I put the wrong delivery address on a handful of gifts and I'm desperately seeking a way to get them delivered on time.

It would mean so much to me if you could get me out of this jam.

The presents are at (Pickup) and will need to be delivered to: - (Full Name 1) at (Drop-off 1) - (Full Name 2) at (Drop-off 2) - (Full Name 3) at (Drop-off 3).

Thank you and best holiday wishes,

Igor Beresford"



"I know things get busy around the holidays, but I was reaching out to see if you had any extra time to do a delivery run.

Got a few presents at (Pickup) for close friends that I won't be able to deliver myself. You would need to take one to (Full Name 1) at (Drop-off 1), another to (Full Name 2) at (Drop-off 2), and the last to (Full Name 3) at (Drop-off 3).

Much appreciated,

Igor Beresford"