Jennifer Friskers

Character in Star Citizen

Jennifer Friskers
种族 人类
性别 Female
生于 2913 (before)
角色 Current CEO of 起源跃动
工作地点 New Austin, Terra, Terra
在职年份 2913 (before) - Present

Jennifer Friskers is the current CEO of 起源跃动. While Origin was originally based at Cologne on 地球, in 2913 Friskers made the decision to move corporate headquarters to New Austin, Terra. Since then, almost all of Origin's manufacturing capacity has relocated outside the 太阳系.[1] Friskers continuously pushes the company to innovate, often requesting designers to revisit old designs in an effort to merge timeless style with new concepts. In 2943, Friskers mandated that the design of the 890 跃动 must have launch capabilities. As a direct result of this, an Origin 85X is included with every new order of the 890 Jump.[2]


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