ICC Assistance (series)

 来自Tessa Bannister的Investigate任务

ICC Probe 849.jpg
ICC Assistance (series)
英文名 {{{English}}}
主类型 Primary
子类型 Investigate
成本 0
获利 22500
开始地点 ICC Probe 849, 十字军, Stanton System
任务提供者 Tessa Bannister
要求 None
难度 Medium
势力 帝国制图中心


The ICC Assistance missions are all triggered by visiting ICC Probe 849, where Tessa Bannister informs the player of a sequence of anomalous signals she has found while scanning for 跳跃点s. After each mission, there is a cooldown timer before the next mission can be started.

In the Alpha 3.0 release, these missions were removed along with ICC Probe 849. It is unknown whether they will return in some form.