Hyoton system

Capital system of the Xi'an Empire

Hyoton system
行星at least 5
跳跃点at least 1

The Hyoton System ( Xi'an, 字面意义: Star; Xi'an: 9hyoton(Hyoton) (Proper); )[1] is the capital and the homeworld system of the 希安帝国.[2] It has been Xi'an homeworld system since the prehistoric times.[3] The system doesn't appear on the Starmap.[4]


Hyoton I

The position of Hyoton II, III, and IV are mentioned in the lore (as of June 2021), and their enumeration suggests that there is one other planet, closer to the sun.

Tethle'a : Hyoton II

Tethle'a is a habitable planet.[5]

RyiXy'an : Hyoton III

RyiXy'an is the former homeworld of the Xi'an race.[2] It was rendered an uninhabitable smog planet by a Civil War that led to the foundation of the Xi'an Empire.[6]

Ka'ua : Hyoton IV

Ka'ua is the current capital and the home of the Emperor.[2]


The planet is only mentioned in the Letter from Gatac Archives. Since his position is described as 'on the edge of Hyoton', it suggests that Tethām is an outer planet of the system.[7]


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