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Welcome to the Star Citizen Wiki! This page is dedicated to the fledgling editor, eager hopeful, or anyone interested in reading up on the game and this wiki

Take a look through the below categories to find out where we can help you best. If all else fails, please join us in our Discord and ask one of the lovely Wiki Staff for assistance. Alternatively, there is usually a stickied Q&A thread on the Star Citizen Subreddit or you can check the official RSI Community board: Spectrum

I want to EDIT an Article

Contributing to the wiki is simple; check out our Getting Started guide to get started, the Help:Editing page for a syntax guide, or practice in your own Sandbox to get the hang of wikicode; or simply take a chance and edit your first article!
Don't be afraid to edit any page that needs updates, fixes, or more content; we would rather that you created an article with simple, limited content and request some assistance than to create no article at all.

I want INFO on Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an Massively Multiplayer Space Sim set in the mid-to-late 30th century. Star Citizen will keep players in a first-person perspective through both detailed spaceflight mechanics as well as personal trading, combat, and social encounters.
For more detailed information, check out RSI's own New Players' Guide, the Wiki's Frequently Asked Questions or jump right into buying the game with the Ship Pledging Guide

I want to Create a New Article or Upload Images

First, use the search feature to confirm that there are no pages which currently cover your topic; it's always better to improve an existing article rather than create a new one if they contain similar information. If it doesn't exist, then simply Search for the exact name you want the page to have, and click the red link that appears at the top of the results.
For uploading images, simply follow the Upload Wizard by clicking "Upload File" in the sidebar to the left

How can I HELP?

Easy! The simplest thing to do is read through our big pages (Like Ships or Gameplay Mechanics or Planets) and see if it reads well. Is the page easy to understand? Laid out well? Are there enough or too many images? Is it linked to other important pages? Ships, especially, always need new information as more are released.

Beyond small fixes, take a look through our Tasks page to see what the bigwigs are working on or check on Discord for current ongoing projects. You never know what you might be recruited into doing; but it is guaranteed* to be entertaining, fun and full of opportunities!

*Not actually guaranteed. You might be removing an ampersand from 86 pages in a row

Other Resources

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