CrimeStat is a parameter by which the criminal activity of individuals is measured, and threat assessments can be made in order to properly respond with judical action.

As of Patch 3.11, there are 5 CrimeStat ratings. Each consecutive level results in more severe punishments being placed on the offender. The various actions which result in the accumulation of CrimeStat are listed below. CrimeStat lowers over time, and can be paid off as a fine at lower levels.

Offenses are registered through Comm-Arrays, meaning that if these are disabled, no CrimeStat will be registered in the corresponding areas.

As of patch 3.18, the only location where you can clear your CrimeStat rating is 加利亚安保空间站 in the 十字军 system.

Punishable offenses

  • Parking violation (not clearing a landing pad in due time).
  • Aggravated Assault (Harming player or NPC characters).
  • Manslaughter (Unknowingly killing player or NPC characters, i.e. characters on a destroyed ship other than the pilot).
  • Murder (Killing player or NPC characters).
  • Damaging or destroying station defenses.
  • Possession or trafficking of illegal goods.

Legal consequences

The exact application of these consequences in relation to CrimeStat rating are to be tested.

  • UI-designation as enemy to lawful citizens.
  • Denial of landing permission at landing zones and stations.
  • Assignment of Bounty Missions on your head for Bounty Hunters.
  • Prison sentence upon arrest.

CrimeStat erasure

Warning: The following actions are illegal.

In order to rid oneself of CrimeStat, a Cryptokey is necessary. With this, go to Security Post Kareah, and access the main terminal there. Note, there will be both NPC guards and AA turrets defending the station. Now you just have to wait for a small duration and access the terminal from time to time as the erasure process takes place, and your criminal past is history.