Clark Defense Systems

业务范围为armor, jetpacks的Human公司

File:Clark Defense Systems.svg
Clark Defense Systems
产业Armor, jetpacks
产品Personal armor, jetpacks, helmets
总部所在地Sherman, Cascom, Castra
所属地区United Empire of Earth
创建者Gratia Katsaros
创建于公元2539年; 415年 前 (2539)

Clark Defense Systems (CDS) is a Human personal armor manufacturer headquartered in Sherman, Cascom, Castra. Many of their products were inspired by equipment utilized by the United Empire of Earth military.[1] In 2945, CDS was awarded a government contract to research next generation light armor.[2] They also produce jetpacks.[3]

In-game description

Ground-combat defensive systems, covers a lot of commercial territory from personal armor to defense systems. Naming convention tend to be pretty straight-forward and logical.

Models: PAB-4 (Personal Ablative/Ballistic Light Armor)

QDB-12 QuiKCade (Quick Deployment Barricade)


  • CDS sponsors the Spectrum show OP.NET Merc News.[4]
  • Clark Defense Systems is named after founder's colleague Clark Rissolo and the additional environmental protection he required his team to wear.[5]


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