CC's Conversions

业务范围为armor customization, armor resale的Human公司

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CC's Conversions
产业Armor customization, armor resale
产品Limited-edition armor, limited-edition helmets, armor, helmets
所属地区United Empire of Earth
关键人物Andilar Bree, original storefront owner
创建者"Mendo", "Epoch", and five other former students of the Fujin City School for the Arts
创建于公元2943年; 11年 前 (2943) in Fujin City, Saisei, Centauri system

CC's Conversions is a Human personal armor customization and resale company. In addition to creating bespoke pieces, CC's purchases discounted stock from other vendors and converts it into limited edition sets. They do not repeat runs once they are completely sold.[1]


CC's Conversions was established by a collective of seven unknown former students from the Fujin City School for the Arts and a teacher, Andilar Bree, who owned the storefront which would eventually be used by the group. None of the students' names are known and only two aliases have been uncovered: "Mendo" and "Epoch". According to Epoch, the name "CC's Conversions" originated from "Computational Crafting", which was the name given to a piece of software the group used to scan salvaged armor items, previsualize art assets, and quickly prototype an idealized final product without wasting materials.[2]


  • CC's operates similarly to real-life hypebeast streetwear brands such as Supreme. Both are known for customizing products from other brands and selling in limited items in drops, profiting from the value built from scarcity and hype.


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