Centauri system

UEE的single star

Centauri system
星系类型Single Star
尺寸21 天文单位
恒星类型Main Sequence Dwarf-A

The Centauri system consists of five planets and three known jump points surrounding a large Type A main sequence star. Centauri was one of the first systems settled during Humanity's initial period of interstellar expansion. It was discovered in 2365 by a dedicated survey ship that immediately recognized the tremendous colonization potential of the third planet. The flag was quickly planted on Centauri III and land there was immediately offered at a premium to colonial outfitting groups. The result was Saisei, one of the most beautiful and well-constructed Human worlds in the UEE. In the development process, the other worlds in the system went largely ignored. In the ensuing centuries, scattered resources have been discovered on these other worlds and more scattershot development has taken place.[1]

Gravitational governor


Centauri is a Main Sequence Dwarf-A star.


Centauri I

A protoplanet with no atmosphere or known resources.

Yar : Centauri II

With most of its surface covered by the arid red desert, the planet is a stark contrast to Saisei's natural and constructed beauty. Most of the civilian settlements were abandoned once mineral resources were exhausted. Now the terraformed planet's remaining inhabitants reside mainly in research stations.

Saisei : Centauri III

Constructed to balance nature, human habitation and industry, the Governer's Council of Saisei enforces a population cap in order to protect the planet's carefully planned and cultivated environment. Businesses who wish to operate on world, like ship manufacturer MISC whose headquarters are in Fujin City, must adhere to strict environmental regulations as well.

Centauri IV

A rocky coreless planet whose surface is scarred by impact craters.

Centauri V

A Super-Jupiter several times more massive than most typical gas-giants.

Asteroid belts

Beyond Centauri IV lies a dense asteroid belt, the only one in the system. Although the Centauri Belt contains enough mass to form a planet, for whatever reason it has never come together. The region is rich in standard heavy metals, and pop-up mining bases frequently appear to support Saisei's heavy industry.[1]

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Centauri - Elysium Large Elysium system
Centauri - Nul Large Nul system

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