"One Light" Luminalia Undersuit

Undersuit manufactured by 罗伯茨太空工业

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"One Light" Luminalia Undersuit
Manufacturer罗伯茨太空工业 (RSI)

罗伯茨太空工业's Beacon flightsuit is a general use utility designed to provide total protection against environments and vacuum. Built out of a durable but flexible polymers, the Beacon provides a wide freedom of motion for a variety of body types. "One Light" Luminalia edition celebrates the Luminalia festival with three different versions in red, teal and blue colours.


"One Light" Luminalia Undersuit is a Luminalia Flair that was given to backers who redeemed a code in the 2952 Luminalia event[1].

In-game description

Featuring durable poly-fiber fabric, a comfortable fit, and a special holiday design, this undersuit is the perfect thing to wear to any Luminalia party.


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