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Class Insectoid
Sentient? Developing
Habitat Oso II
Status Prosperous
Discovered In 2861
Discovered By Erol Navis

The Osoians, native to Oso II, are the most developed primitive species ever encountered by the 地球联合帝国.


This 4 - 4.5 ft / 120 – 140 cm [缺乏引证] tall multi-limbed insectoid race actively communicates with one another using patterned flashes of color generated by head-mounted chameleon cells. Osoian communication studies are ongoing today (within the limitations of the Fair Chance Act).[1] Xenolinguists studying the language of Osoians have created special helmets that attempt to mimic the changing head patterns used in the Osoians' complex communication system.[2]

While the name Osoian was attributed to the species by the UEE, the Senate and scientific community wait with bated breath to see what they call themselves.


Osoians are covered in a coarse spiky fur to catch water. To counteract the planet's high gravity, its powerful legs are the species' largest appendage. They connect to the body at what would be the shoulder on a human. Four arms extend from the torso, the top two much more developed than the lower pair. They have six eyes of varying sizes on an almost bug-like head. Osoians are diurnal.[3]


Osoians are hunter-gatherers, capable of building, fighting, using tools and forming complex societies.

In 2950, scientists observed a group of Osoians playing what appeared to be instruments. In addition, the patterns of color on their foreheads changed in time with the music, with certain colors repeating on certain notes. Noted xenoanthropologist Dr. Xi Feng Zhao hypothesizes that this display is possibly the Osoian equivalent of "singing".[4]

Illegal trade

Corrupt people on Yogi Station have been known to sell Osonian bodies to passing Xi'an trade envoys, claiming not to be killing them.[5]

Osoian Hides are Prohibited Goods within 地球联合帝国 司法管辖权, yet they are smuggled regardless in Stanton.

"To look into the eyes of an Osoian is to look into our own past and see the potential to evolve and grow that lies within us all. For every species we encounter who we shadow with our advancements, you must ask, is there yet still a species out there by whom we ourselves will be overshadowed?"
Professor JT Collins, A Step Onto the Precipice

"An Osoian walks into a bar and orders a drink. The bartender says I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to serve you because your culture hasn't discovered alcohol yet. The Osoian thinks for a second and then says, if you leave a bottle on the counter, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to discover it myself."
Jimmy Snart, Laugh Till It Hurts


The discovery of higher life forms on Oso II in 2861 forced the government to issue Oso protectorate status under the Fair Chance Act. The declaration made the system off limits for economic development, but some of the less-than-scrupulous surveying corporations leaked their planetary assessment findings. They attempted to make a case to the UEE Senate that Oso II could potentially be terraformed for 人类 habitation without destroying all of the indigenous life. The question of 'uplifting' began to circle the Empire. Ultimately, a slim majority in the Senate chose to adhere to the tenets of the Fair Chance Act.[1]


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