Torral Aggregate

业务范围为weapons manufacture的Xi'an公司

Torral Aggregate
产业Weapons manufacture
产品Personal weapons, spacecraft weapons
总部所在地Ka'ua, Hyoton
所属地区Xi'an Empire, United Empire of Earth
创建于Thousands of years ago

Torral Aggregate ( Xi'an: ao0oo2nu se 9to14ral5(Aoō'nu se T.or'al) (Proper); 字面意义: Aggregate of Torral; ) is a Xi'an weapons manufacturer controlled by House Torral. They produce a significant amount of weapons and related systems for the Xi'an Empire and have recently also begun to export products adapted for Human use.[1] Weapons available for sale directly to Humans include the Yeng'tu laser repeater ( Xi'an: ro’thli Yeng’tu (Proper); ), which was first mounted on the San'tok.yāi, and the Kahix Missile Launcher ( Xi'an: ro’noy.ithly’ehung Kē’hith (Proper); ).[2]

The Torral Aggregate has also won a bid to produce weapons for the UEE Army shortly after the HuXa legislation.[3]


Previously, the lore spoke of the Torral Aggregate as having a monopoly on the Xi'an weapons production.


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