Kins II

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Kins I
分类Terrestrial Rocky
位置Kins II (Ark Starmap)

Kins II is a naturally oxygen-based terrestrial planet. It is home to the indentured servants markets that the planet is now famous for. Outside of the 巴努 cities, however, travelers have noted ruins in areas that the Banu have not settled in. The stylings don't resemble any of the aesthetic or design choices normally found in Banu architecture.[1]

"For you history buffs, no trip to the Banu Protectorate would be complete without seeing the ancient structure on Kins II. Completely defying any existing Banu engineering styles, these sites have long baffled xenoarchaeologists about who (or what) built them."
UEE Diplomatic Corps: A Guide to Visiting the Banu Protectorate [2]


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