Amandeep Vakario

Character in Star Citizen

Amandeep Vakario
种族 Human
性别 Male
生于 2950 (before)
角色 Self-Help Guru

Amandeep Vakario is a self-help guru best known for his book Enlightened Negotiating. He is working together with microTech to provide inspirational messages to the city's residents in his Moments of Clarity series, which can be heard near the fitness center in The Commons.

He served as Ellroy Cass's spiritual advisor, telling him that "stumbles in life are life." His slogan is: "Reflect, rejoice, renew."

Moments of Clarity

You are not alone. The life energy that flows through you reverberates out into the world, binding us all together.

Selfless acts define the self. Ask: what good can I do to make the 'verse better? The answer is one you already know.

Allow the tension to leave your body. With each heartbeat, worry and stress melt away as you relax into your corporeal home. You are now lighter and a source of light.

Today is a new day. Cherish the freedom to transform this juncture's endless possibilities into a tomorrow worth celebrating.

You are capable of great things. Remove all doubt, reveal your strength, and realize your true potential.